Full Features

We do many things differently,
most notably , standardization and uniformity to ensure consistency.

Concurrent Multi-Symbol Testing

Test up to 72 symbols simultaneously. With true, concurrent Multi-Symbol testing, you can optimize a strategy on an entire portfolio of financial instruments and accurately reflect performance over the entirety of your data set. All profit & loss timelines are tracked and consolidated into a single equity curve.

Use Our Indicators

In the interest of true mathematical and functional diversity, you will find 5 types of indicators included in the EA: volatility, trend, momentum, cycle, and moving average (baseline) indicators. Use any of the 56 included indicators to create your algorithm.

Test Your Own Indicators

You can test almost any type of indicator with the Custom Indicators feature, including oscillators, moving averages, channels and more. With no coding knowledge necessary to operate, our Custom Indicators integration is the most user-friendly on the market.

Fully Customizable Indicator Logic

You are probably familiar with how most indicators are conventionally used, but how can you decide on a method without trying all of them? In this EA, you will find options for almost every logical application you can conceive for an indicator, including fully customizable entry, confirmation and exit logic

News Filtering

Mitigate randomness from events with a time & priority based news filter. When activated, incoming news populates on the chart, offering you extra visibility. This feature utilizes the MQL5 Economic Calendar and works in both back testing and live trading.

Special Rules for NNFX Traders

All NNFX rules are included as optimizable input parameters. Push NNFX to its limit with quantitative testing procedures and find out which rules suit your system best.

Quantitative Performance Metrics

The best performance metrics measure both risk and reward. Assess the true performance of your system with advanced metrics such CAGR/Mean Drawdown, Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation and more.

Time Analysis

It’s important to factor trading times into back testing. The Traders Tech EA Builder not only offers you Multiple Time Frame analysis and the ability to trade before the candle close, but also enables you to define your active trading hours and close trades at the end of the day, week, or session.

Advanced Risk Management

In addition to using standard volatility-based position sizing, you can also customize your position size method, scale out, use trailing stops, filter spread and manage exposure in both back testing and live trading.