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SMART Features

Concurrent Multi-Symbol Testing

Test up to 72 symbols simultaneously. With true, concurrent Multi-Symbol testing, you can optimize a strategy on an entire portfolio of financial instruments and accurately reflect performance over the entirety of your data set. All profit & loss timelines are tracked and consolidated into a single equity curve.

Use Our Indicators

In the interest of true mathematical and functional diversity, you will find 5 types of indicators included in the EA: volatility, trend, momentum, cycle, and moving average (baseline) indicators. Use any of the 56 included indicators to create your algorithm.

Test Your Own Indicators

You can test almost any type of indicator with the Custom Indicators feature, including oscillators, moving averages, channels and more. With no coding knowledge necessary to operate, our Custom Indicators integration is the most user-friendly on the market.

Fully Customizable Indicator Logic

You are probably familiar with how most indicators are conventionally used, but how can you decide on a method without trying all of them? In this EA, you will find options for almost every logical application you can conceive for an indicator, including fully customizable entry, confirmation and exit logic.

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About Traders Tech

Traders Tech, LLC is a software development company with a focus on innovating tools and applications for algorithmic trading. We believe in providing people the opportunity to express their creative abilities and push the limits of their thinking without having to attain years of programming experience. At Traders Tech, it’s our job to enable traders to focus on the things that matter – on and off the charts.

What is SMART?

Stochastic Market Analysis Reticulation Technology® captures & interconnects randomness in the markets. Using SMART, traders can automatically build and trade their own algorithms with virtually unlimited control and flexibility.

What we do?

Our SMART software reduces back testing time from years to minutes. This cutting edge technology connects retail traders to the world of quantitative trading with a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface.

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Track Inputs In Visual Mode

Keep Your Chart Clean

Design Entries & Exits

View Strategy Performance

Refine Your System

Analyze Results In Any Dimension

Optimize Your Settings

Use Multi-Threaded Processing



Love the interface – very user friendly. As a guy who spends most of his time at work, this is a life and timesaver. Beast of an EA. Thank you!

Silvio S

Before I was using a different tester, which required some coding skills, and it was built on MT4. My background is not from the coding department, so it was an additional skill to learn. It was a good learning curve, however, I was starting to feel frustrated that I was coding more than trading or back testing.
After I plugged in the SMART EA, everything felt different. The layout is user friendly, well organized and easy to follow. I do not think I have to speak about features as they are MIND BLOWING! On top of that, there are video tutorials, which, in my opinion, are extremely useful.

Rapolas A

Everything is working well!! SMART looks like a beast. I’m really happy, feeling like a kid at Christmas! Thanks again!

Sasha D

This technology is a tremendous leap forward in the algorithmic trading world. It eliminates a great amount of manual work – from calculating performance metrics to making trade entries and exits in live trading. The best things about the SMART EA builder are simplicity, flexibility, and a broad spectrum of functions. That is all you need to optimize your own perfect trading system.

Lukas V

The SMART EA is the first and only EA I have ever considered purchasing and I have not regretted it. I have never been confident with investing in Expert Advisors as they usually incorporate a pre-defined trading strategy (more than one if you’re lucky) and if there are any others that offer customizations, it is always very limited. The Traders Tech EA is the only way I can automate my own algo trading strategies without having to learn any coding skills. I think this thing is a game changer!

Tomas S

Great EA, finally somebody has began to bridge the retail space to effective systematic trading. The interface is simple, the learning curve is short, and the possibilities are endless.

Erkan E

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned trader, this EA is a must-have. This EA is not just limited to forex trading, but can be used for stocks as well. The strategy tester includes loads of features and tons of functions. There are no limits to what this EA can do.

Valerie P

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