Yes – Traders Tech provides user instructions in both video and written form to customers on the YouTube channel and Discord forum.

Not at all. Since you received fully functional compiled software, there is no need for programming whatsoever.

Yes. With the Custom Indicators function, you can integrate virtually any indicator with fully flexible logic options.

Yes. In the interest of full transparency, every result that this software produces can be manually verified in visual mode with the aid of our detailed logs.

No, but there are plans to integrate SMART with MT4 in a live trading capacity. Although MT4 is the most popular trading platform for retail traders, it presents disqualifying limitations that prevent the integration of accurate back testing environments.

Of course. You can test any market that you have data for and trade any market that your broker offers.

Provided you have the correct license – absolutely. The EA can execute trades in live conditions with the exact same functionality it did in back testing. All features work in back testing and live trading.